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21.05.2016 15:18
Henrik Freischlader Trio - O P E N N E S S English Review Zitat · Antworten

Henrik Freischlader Trio – "Openness" (Vö: 01.04.2016)
Produced by the Henrik Freischlader Trio
Cable Car Records – Digipak w/Booklet – 12 Tracks written by H. Freischlader

Some people out of Germany will not know that Henrik decided in 2003/2004 to go into a hiatus and has quit with his current band. That surprised many 'cause the band was on it's way to be better known internationally but after a Farewell Tour in 2014 it was over. Luckily they recorded the tour and the live album was released in 2014, too.

But Henrik didn't tell what he will do in the future. For me it was glass clear that a full-blood musician like Freischlader will never give up making music.
And as I was asking myself: Will he produce others or what will he do came the announcement that the "Henrik Freischlader Trio" will release an album in spring 2016 called "Openness". That made me happy and instantly I wanted to know where and what's the difference is between the four-piece band and the new trio.

Unfortunately I got the record after the release date (April, 1.) what is the reason for this review a few weeks later.

The first astonishing thing was the "in-your-face" sound. You can feel the music like a punch in your stomach. The first song is also the title track "Openness" and a Blues-Rocker "par excellence".

Without one exception Henrik produced all his albums by himself and played also almost all instruments. New are not only the studio musicians from Hamburg in his band, the drummer Carl–Michael Grabinger and on the bass Alex Grube but the production of the album was made by all three! That makes me think that Henrik wants to have bandmates who are integrated in the creative process.
It's not Henrik and Band it's "THE HENRIK FREISCHLADER TRIO". New is also that only the vocal parts and the guitar lines of a few tracks were recorded in Arnsberg in the studio of his old pal Manfred Meinschäfer. Anything else was recorded in Hamburg by Linda Gerdes (Clouds Hill Studios) and mixed by Marc Schettler (Hafenklang Studios).

Openness will satisfy a lot of blues lovers 'cause the band knows to play all styles and they show it. There are songs they will rock off the roof played live like "Techno", "Nobody Else To Blame" and the before mentioned title track but there are slower songs too even with acoustic- and slide guitars.

You english speaking people will know it better but I (as a german) think that the lyrics – Henrik wrote 'em all – become better and better.
If you love this album half as I do you will love it too!


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